The Art of Thinking Business

What is the real difference between the Mindset of a Business Person and the Mindset of an Employee?

Ever wonder why some people seem to jump into a business “easily”,  make the right moves and succeed? What Artistic magic do they possess?

Subconscious Mind of BusinessThe answer is found in their subconscious.

The same subconscious mind which directs the myriad of daily functions, such as chewing, breathing, commands for walking, driving a car and so many other “auto-responses”.

I have enjoyed the principles discussed in Dr Joseph Murphy’s  Book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind for many years. If you haven’t read it and would enjoy a PDF copy.

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The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

It isn’t difficult to begin to train your Mind to THINK like an entrepreneur. Just takes desire and discipline, traits necessary for Success anyway.

Enjoy the following Video and always appreciate Comments

Practice the Art Form of the Business Mindset and your dreams are closer to reality.

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  1. Dave Riebe

    If the Master Key system and Think and Grow Rich are put into action then success will come faster for a new business owner.
    An employee mindset must be abandoned when someone goes into business for themselves. A new mindset is required when starting off in a new direction.


  1. Week 3 Master Key Master Mind Alliance Journey | Master Key For You News - […] that seemingly “childish” instruction was pivotal for ME to understand Mindset Discipline. So I am really enjoying the re-visit…

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