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So what is the Big Deal?

   Let's go through the Benefits One by One

  •  Do you need to have an understanding of operating a Blog?

    • Not at all! Our service provides all the technical services, maintenance and updates for you.
    • This frees up more time for you to start enjoying life a little more. Spend more time with your family while your website grows automatically.

  • Do you need to create products to sell?

    •  Again, we have you taken care of! We literally have hundreds of resale products that are related to your chosen topic and we even create and add the advertising to your blog for you.
    • We provide the content include products for you to earn commissions from and you can pick and choose which ones you want to show anytime you like.
  •  Why would you want a 'Networked' Blog?

    •  We could go into a long spiel about how it will make for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how the backlinks will help your main website (if you have one or more), but we won't. What we will do is let you know how much it will help you bring visitors to your blog and your other websites.
    • Traffic is the one thing that a website simply cannot do without. By using a Networked Blog, you will gain visitors to your blog from our other members.
    • When a visitor comes to one of our other member's blog, Your blog link will be shown in the "Blogroll" section at the top left corner.


  • What does a link in the 'BlogRoll' do for me?

    • Since your link will be the Title of your Blog Topic, it will bring interested visitors to YOUR blog. This means you are getting Targeted Traffic from nowhere! You do not have to spend money on Pay Per Click ads or other traffic generating services (although you are certainly welcome to do so).
    • Our members generate traffic for each other automatically, and when that happens, everyone gains free visitors.


  • How does a 'Networked' blog help my Main website?

    • The Search Engines look for links that point to other websites to help them determine how much influence each website has. By adding links in the content on your Networked Blog that point back to your other websites, this gives your website more authority. That equates to more influence and as a result, your other websites will increase in the Search Engine rankings.
    • We post the content, all you would have to do (if you decide to) is add a link to your other websites in the content using the keywords from your other sites as the link!

  • What if I don't know How to make a Link?

    • Nothing to be concerned about there either!
    • We provide you with all the instruction you could ask for at your convenience. Recorded Webinars, downloadable PDF's and even Live webcasts and Talk Shows to help you learn to turn your websites into real money makers!

  • How else would I earn from this Networked Blog?

    • You can include your own advertising banners, links and products. Or add your own Adsense or other Pay Per Click or Pay Per Action code to your blog.
    • We have our own resale products that you would earn commissions from that are automatically added to your Banner Rotator and embedded ads in the content. If you see something you don't want to show, simply delete it or replace that spot with something of your own.

  This blog is truly Your Own Blog.
  We simply provide you with:

checkmarkPreloaded with Banners and Advertising
checkmark Free Traffic from our Membership
checkmarkALL the Setup and Configuration
checkmarkAutomatic Posting of the Content
checkmarkUnique Content for Your Blog
checkmarkA Networking System to Help You Build Your Contacts
checkmarkCutting Edge Plugins to make managing the parts you DO decide you want to do even easier

Make the choice to put some FAITH in yourself that you CAN build your own business  with a little help from others.



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