Mindset and Business…Applying Action!

Mindset and Business…Applying Action!

Mindset and Business. . .

Probably the most Misinterpreted Concepts running a business is the development and application of the Business Mindset

Let us have a couple of minutes to uncover precisely how important  Business Mindset is really, not just to the prosperity of your company, but for your overall success and happiness in existence too.

Mindset is usually the mental attitude that determines the way you will interpret and react to situations. It comes down to your image of things, that which you expect and just how you respond – in every factor of your existence.

Mindset and Mental attitudes are essential in these major areas within our lives:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Financial

For many people, when they  begin in business, it is all about the How-to’s, finding systems, getting began and earning money. We overlook the need for our way of thinking, how important it’s to remain positive and most importantly, to achieve the proper mindset in most things.

Once we start our busy days, we become creatures of Habit. We are so busy doing things and getting things done, that we forget, or don’t give consideration to, our feelings  or sixth senses or train our subconscious to direct ACTION

And, this is not about sappy feelings or feelings. It comes down to hearing what your Gut is suggesting. For example, maybe you  engaged in a business conversation with somebody, or focused on placing a partnership together and something did not seem correct? The majority of us ignore this sort of feeling and merely forge on, rather than spending time to judge what’s really happening – possibly even determining to hear the power of our subconscious (Sixth Sense, Hunch).

Learn to develop and expand your Business Mindset. Develop the mindset of Abundant Thinking, and train your Subconscious to operate on the premise of YES and accept Hunches.

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The main issue with this is that many people forget (even a number of individuals teaching this)  you still need to do something, APPLY Action. You may be positive and happy and become thinking all of the right ideas, but when you do not try taking some action, get out there and make a move, nothing will change – well, with the exception that maybe you will be happier.

I am reminded of a session with several us sitting in a roundtable discussion. One of the participants was a highly regarded mindset coach and speaker, and everyone was asking her questions. One person shared they had been meditating for 3 hrs each day, for more than a year, and nothing had changed in their circumstances – with the exception they  were “deeper in debt”

The Coach responded by suggesting the person spend only 15 minutes a day Meditating and the other 2 1/2 hours applying massive action to the problem and circumstance at hand.

This attitude is explained in great detail by Charles Haanel in the Complete Master Key System. It was from his works theComplete Master Key System specious movie, The Secret was supposedly based, but they emphasized the”Visualization” and not the APPLICATION of Energy. I would suggest taking the time to read the Master Key. Incorporate the exercises in your daily routine, focusing on applying an action to your GUT feelings. It is that attitude especially found in Chapter 4, that allowed Napoleon Hill to be rewarded in 1919

Napoleon Hill “I believe in giving credit where it is due, therefore I believe I ought to inform you that my present success which has followed my work as President of the Napoleon Hill Institute is due largely to the principles laid down in The Master Key System.”

Napoleon Hill – Author of Think & Grow Rich

My Dear Mr. Haanel, April 21, 1919

You probably know, from the editorial in the January issue of the Golden Rule, copy of which my Secretary sent to you, that I began twenty-two years ago as a coal miner at a dollar a day. I have just been retained by a ten million dollar corporation at a salary of $105,200.00 a year, for a portion of my time only, it having been agreed that I shall continue as editor of the Hill’s Golden Rule.

I believe in giving credit where it is due, therefore I believe I ought to inform you that my present success which has followed my work as President of the Napoleon Hill Institute is due largely to the principles laid down in The Master Key System.

You are doing a good work by helping people to realize that nothing is impossible of accomplishment which a man can create in his imagination. Surely my own experience proves this. I shall cooperate with you in getting your course into the hands of the many who so greatly need your message.

Cordially and sincerely, Napoleon Hill

For a lot of us entrepreneurs, developing our Business Mindset to Apply Action is actually the missing piece, regardless of how effective we become.



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  1. Cat Alexandra

    The further I delve into this life from the most objective self-evaluatory standpoint I can attain in each authentic moment, the more I learn all of these things to be true.

    Every point of our success or failure quotient in life is a direct response to the queues we send forth from the energies in our mind.

    Being clear and decisive is the starting point. From that point it’s all about execution!

    Great topic!

    Cat Alexandra

    • Thank you for your input Cat
      So many watch the world pass by because of the lack of Ambition to bend over and pick up the Opportunity.

    • Might get hurt
      What would neighbors say
      What if it doesn’t work
    • I love this recent Pin on Pinterest
      Says it all~~
      Opportunist Applying Action

  • William Beckett

    I think the best practice is to focus on solutions. If you don’t yet have a solution, think about how good you will feel when you find one, and how confident you are that you will find one.

    Dwelling on the disappointment that a problem brings will only make things worse.

    Thanks for an important statement about business success.

  • Without the proper mindset, it’s easy for you to lose focus and thus give up easily when pursuing something like a business.

  • I have recently started my own business, and am always on the lookout for inspirational reads like this one to keep me motivated. Great topic and an important one too! thanks for the post.

  • Hi Chuck . Thanks for such a facilitative share . It is true that what we face is life is a refection of what we think. Such inspirational reads impel me to confront all challenges that come my way .
    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this topic.

  • Leonard Simon

    I want to start a business but really I’ve no mental preparation at all. Just now I’ve inspired by your excellent article. I think, these information are very effective for new. So, I’m grateful to you.

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