Talk Show, March 8, 2017

Talk Show, March 8, 2017

Episode 356 of the You Can Build It Talk Show

March 8, 2017

The show centered around the impact of effective Social Media funneling responsive traffic to website.
I was joined by Grumpy Rich Guy, who is also a Talk Show Host. His station can be found at Washington Grumpy Old Men’s Club
and David Riebe, from Chicago. David is a long time caller in to the You Can Build It Talk Show and our invited guest, James Strauss, writer and newspaper publisher from South East Wisconsin.

Jim’s weekly newspaper, the Geneva Shore Report always creates controversy since the goal is to keep local
aware of the direction of their local Government, and we talk about hi book in progress, 30 Days has September

The focus of this show was to show how Social Media can successfully drive traffic to your website
and a person can become a Credible Influencer in the cyber world.

Listen how James Strauss’s  efforts have generate dover 4,500+ Comments and a daily page view of in excess of 5,000.

The first volume of the story discussed will be available after March 17th, but James does have one of Arch Patton Adventures available on Kindle or Paperback

Arch Patton Down in the Valley

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