DMCA Compliance report

With the recent law that was passed recently in the USA, it came to our attention that many people do not have any type of DMCA (Digital Media Compliance Act) Compliance statement on their websites.

So we are offering this one at No Cost to You.

In case you haven’t heard, if you share a file that you do not have the rights to share, or download a file that you did not buy access to, you can have your internet service cut off entirely (or at least throttled down to the point where it would be like using a 56k modem).

Just enter your e-mail and name below and you will be delivered and editable Word.Doc to fill in your information.

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You will find a template where you can simply do a search and replace for the domain name and at the very bottom are two helpful links to provide you with more info regarding the DMCA

So create a new page on your blog and copy the content of the text file (minus the last three lines of text ) and stay away from copying or outright stealing other people’s content, because it can get you shut down.

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