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The Best Business Mindset Alliance Resource Library

The Best Business Mindset Alliance is offering Volumes of FREE E-books, Hours of Audio Podcasts, and Hours of Video, all focusing on creating and expanding YOUR Entrepreneurial Business Mindset.

The first thing we encourage our members to concentrate on are The Classics of Self-directed Mindset training

Back in 2006 a Podcast was was started in the Talk Show format, focusing on intelligent dialog about How the Classic Self-Help Books from the early 20th and late 19th Century are still affecting Business Mindset in Today’s fast paced Internet world.

The Focus Society of Overachievers started discussing Think and Grow Rich and then to The Master Key, by Charles Haanel the Father of the Law of Attraction. Then back to Wallace Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich and most of 2009 was spent discussing the famous Classic by Orison Swett Marden , the Miracle of Right Thought. Marden is known as the Father of the Modern Thought Movement.

The following Links will take you to FREE copies of the Books Listed

Think and Grow Rich
The Master Key
The Miracle of Right Thought

The Live Talk Show,  Focus Society of Overachievers is mentioned above and from 120 hours of conversation with real people, applying the principles of Think and Grow Rich, we have edited the most powerful 40 hours into 4 powerful and easy to listen CD’s . This package can be delivered to you home, with a 35 page workbook, carrying a 30 Day limited guarantee.


beyond Think and Grow Rich

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