Is Blogging Dead in the Social Era?

Is Blogging really dying in this fast paced Social Media Environment

It has been discussed the Blogging is the HUB of most successful Marketing and Brand Activity on the internet.

The statistic about blogging are overwhelming, yet it is my Humble opinion most blogs are NOT giving the Blogger Optimization. The solution to this this dilemma seem simple, when one applies their Business Mindset.

Also the need to gather Information and LEARN what works and What is not assuring a Successful Blogging experiences

This page will be providing resources, Audio, Video and text on the Tricks and Tips for Successful Blogging.  Be sure to Bookmark and return often

We also encourage everyone to read the benefits of Our Network Blog System

The following Audio discusses Blogging from a 2009  Survey conducted by Technorati

The survey indicated:

  • Blogs are IN, traditional Media is Out
  • In Blogs we trust (Twitter and Facebook ranked behind in the  area of Trust and Authority)

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