Podcasting to Grow Your Business

The  easy TOOL for keeping the Business Mindset Focused.
One way for a On-line business person can reach thousands of potential prospects is by regularly conducted LIVE Podcasts, preferably in the Talk Show Format.

The cost is non existent, with the exception of a Time and Energy commitment, usually one to two hours per episode.

But before we discuss the details here are some definition, compliments of  The Edith Cowan University  in Australia

Download the PDF and study the options

Click on the LogoPDF Podcasting

I personally began Podcasting Audio 6 years ago in the Talk Show Format. At that time there were two Free Options:


Since then there are many other venues available, some free and some subscription.

Podcasting  (in the Talk Show Format) has rewarded me with a loyal following and the addition of new like-minded people asking questions and deciding if our main business of selling Products, tools, systems and consulting is what they are looking FOR.

It is truly a great way to implement Inbound Marketing techniques and Podcasting can be a source of revenue all by itself.


  1. I started podcasting about 2 years ago and I think it’s a wonderful way to promote your blog and expand your audience. Some of the free services I use are Spreaker, MixCloud, Mixlr and Audioboo. More people are starting to catch on to the power of podcasting, thanks for spreading the word.

    • So Honored to have a person of your stature sharing your comments, Ileane
      Podcasting was my FIRST venture in the quest for gaining some “Internet Real Estate”
      Our first show is now in its sixth year, done in Talk Show Format, and has 340 Show archived for 24/7 access
      Focus Society of Overachievers
      Our Business Development Talk Show is Wednesday 9:30 PM Eastern
      Thanks again for your input

  2. I just did my first podcast today, and have already seen significant traffic in just one day, but for some reason it was scary making it. I get nervous in front of a camera, had no idea I would usng voice.

    • Appreciate your comment. Podcasting has been a real boon for me over the past 6 years. Our longest running show is now in it’s 344 episode.
      Every Tuesday 11:30 AM eastern Focus Society of Overachievers
      and our Business Development Talk Show is on
      Wednesday eves 9:30 PM eastern
      You Can Build it

    • I have been contemplating during podcasts for a couple of years now. I got the fancy mic and was ready to go but nerves and fear got the best of me. The thought of breaking out among all the noise got to me. I didn’t want to be just one of the millions of podcasts.

      • Podcasting in your field of Real Estate could very rewarding, Ashley. Give me a call sometime
        and maybe I can offer some tops and encouragement.

  3. Afiqfikri Daud

    Thanks Chuck for this great content.
    I haven’t being in podcast business before, but I have a small interest in it, since this market can give more to my business.
    Thanks again.

  4. I have always heard about podcasting but haven’t really given it a look-in,but will do so from now on! Great write-up

    • Podcasting has been a valuable tool for us to reach a large Internet Audience economically and with powerful SEO. Call me and we can discuss how easy to get started. 1-530-798-0245

  5. I found this page by searching audio seo. How would rank the ROI for time invested pod-casting vs. benefits. Is it better than other advertising. I have read a lot of articles on “how to do a pod cast” but they don’t seem to be in the real estate niche. I am not a realtor (real estate investor) but found this article interesting. Thank you

  6. This is such a great point. As of today, I released Episode 86 of my podcast. It is still a work in progress but I am loving every moment of it. How many episodes have you now done?


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