Why WRITE your Marketing Strategy on Paper?

Why WRITE your Marketing Strategy on Paper?

The question of Writing the Marketing Strategy
on paper comes up in many of
our initial consults.

Even though we have so many devices today to transmit ideas to ourselves and others the Best  way to train your subconscious to remember and visualize anything is to write it down of paper. There seems to be a real connect between the Brain and the hand as your pen or pencil flows over the page when your are writing your ideas on paper.

In the past few years we have involved into the Mindset of Digitization and the emphasis has been even in school to use the modern technology.

The Power of Intention seems to explode when it is written down

Writ it DownHave you ever noticed though, when You write something down on your to do list, you store it  in two ways — visually and kinesthetically, by using the muscles in your  arm, hand, and fingers to write. Then if you  Read the list out loud to yourself, you have now stored in it in two more ways, by speaking and listening.

I am convinced we are far less likely to forget the items on our  list. If we  store the list in our  computer, we are  still storing it in just one way, as letters on a screen — eminently forgettable.

When clients ask Where to start, we encourage (politely demand) a WRITTEN plan..
The ones who WRITE their Plans of Action,  long hand, always enjoy a smoother Journey to Abundance.

Could it be that their subconscious is just absorbing the Written Marketing Strategy and assimilating Subconscious Mind
the information more easily?

It is Important that when writing your Plan the statements all be of Positive Nature.
All of your mission Statements, Goals and

The steps to achieve a Positive Intention in your Written Plan with Positive Intention follows:

  • Identify the subject or situation (creating a new E-book).
  • Think about how you want it to flow, the Tone (for example, up-beat, casual, more buttoned down).
  • Start to write (just make an attempt; write a lot or write a little).
  • Create a brief positive intention (for example a phrase or just a word that represents your intention).
  • Ask yourself if your written intention is positive and compelling (for example, do you feel inspired or clear or relieved?).

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What do You do about Writing
the Marketing  Strategy on paper?

Let’s discuss here in the comment section and or on our Facebook Fan Page

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  1. Hubert Williams

    I write things down and usually forget where I put the note. If I use the one little notebook that I usually keep with me, everything works fine. If and usually. I should probably eat more fish and blueberries, but I keep forgetting to buy them.

    • Thanks for the comment Hubert
      Funny how how our diets have gravitated to Blueberries and Fish.
      Are you using any Digital memory joggers?
      I have found them cumbersome, although I do record a lot of notes when out doors and then WRITE them down when back at desk

  2. Cat Alexandra

    Dear Chuck,

    In my opinion, you just hit on a subject that eludes so many: the power of our personal connection TO our ultimate plans.

    Kevin Trudeau’s Your Wish Is Your Command Series has been in my CD player a lot lately. This is one of the most important things we can be doing, writing our plans/goals, according to Kevin.

    I have found that this is something that helps me feel connected to my daily tasks, as well. I have even started writing out an affirmation (somewhat lengthy) by hand in the mornings. I have a notepad full of this affirmation because I make it a priority to connect to the values and goals that are specific in this plan, daily.

    It’s the little details in life that often go unnoticed. It is these same details that when absent, make us painfully aware of what joy they may have bought us. Those who pay attention to the details separate themselves from the ones who let things slip by the wayside. I have found that some of the people I know who are very successful are no more talented than others, but their results are much greater because they have developed a passion for the details.

    Really puts it all into perspective for me, Chuck. A simple thing like taking the time to jot it all down and keep it organized can take us so much further.

    Fantastic points!! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    Best regards,
    Cat Alexandra

    • I so much appreciate your comments Cat,
      I do fear WE globally are forgetting the POWER of the connection of hand to mind, with the advent and proliferation of Digital.

      It’s the little details in life that often go unnoticed. It is these same details that when absent, make us painfully aware of what joy they may have bought us.

      Fantastic statement and hope all of readers take it to heart.

    • Oh, how I LOVE gadgets!! A smartphone and another one, 2 laptops, so happy to type in all my notes, ideas, contacts, schedule, plans, cashflow software that keeps my stats, etc. I don’t need to carry around lots of papers or worry about losing them, don’t need to mess around with correcting a note ten times and cross out words or sentences, making it look all messy – everything there, digitalized, nicely, safe, clean… Ain’t it professional and sexy?

      And when I write a poem, a story or some pondering, I do LOVE to type, I love my thoughts flowing.

      But in the meantime, I keep thinking of my pretty little calendar I used to have 12 years ago which did look messy with all the corrections, but somehow I still feel a bit emotionally attached to it and to the things that were in it…

      So now since I have been listening to Your Wish Is Your Command and some more lectures from Kevin Trudeau and from his pals, I again began scribbling, writing down my goals, schedule, to do list et al, bought me a little calendar where I put the little post-it note I’ve got from a friend and I have it now as a token, and other stuff, and I have other means of writing down things and reading them to myself either loud, either silently – voila, things started to happen much faster, I am achieving my targets and goals better 🙂

      • First of all Andrea, it is an honor to have you visiting our site.
        I have enjoyed following your career on Facebook.
        As a mentioned in another response, it easier for me to write than type.
        I have always kept 8 1/2x 11 spiral notebooks at my side and over the years the collections have been an interesting History.I can write notes while on the phone and it works well on my Talk Shows, Focus Society of Overachievers and You Can Build It
        My Hungarian is very rusty,
        Köszönjük, hogy a megjegyzés

  3. Hi Chuck,

    If it’s not written down, it just doesn’t exist.

    It’s true with so many gadgets at our disposal, we *think* we are jotting it down and the intention gets lost somewhere in the digital cloud.

    Nothing like writing it out long hand. I use a notebook and a fountain pen – just for good measure 🙂

    It’s interesting what you say about checking in with yourself on how you feel about it after you’ve written it down. A sense of discomfort should tell you right there that there’s a problem, in much the same way that a sense of relief and clarity should indicate you’re on the way!

    Great post.


    • Appreciate your comment, Dee
      I have reduced myself to a ball point many years ago. Spending too much time filling fountain pen with ink.
      Regarding the gadgets, someone mentioned about the “voice recording” option on my new cell phone. I was excited and started recording ideas when away from home
      Problem is I seldom remembered to LISTEN later.
      Need to TRAIN myself, because I feel this “digital” application could be valuable…
      IF I WRITE down what I recorded.
      Again thanks for you input and Loved you site,
      I wanted to Subscribe to my Google reader, but could not Find Button?

  4. Hey Chuck,

    With everything moving online these days, it’s become more common to jot down everything on a digital medium. But I completely agree with you on this that writing down your plans of action on a piece of paper are so much better even now. I appreciate your point of storing them visually and kinesthetically when things are actually written down.

    Thanks for the great article!!

    • First of all thanks for the comment Sarah,
      Since I am of a generation when most Men did not learn to type, I also find the keyboard a ponderous thing.
      I could write this response on paper faster than I am typing it. ~~smile~~

  5. I have always kept the habit of carrying a small organizer or notebook with me on my bag. It doesn’t just contain all my “to do” and “to buy” lists, I also frequently jot down all my “due dates”, long term goals and short term goals. This habit has kept me organized and has always helped me keep track of what I have accomplished. This made me feel good as I feel a deep sense of achievement every time I am reminded that there are tasks that I have successfully accomplished as planned. AT the same time, it keeps me more focused on the things that are yet to be done.

    • Always appreciate your comments, Joy
      In your business of there a lot of irons in the fire, I am sure and you must be organized

  6. Your brilliant ideas unless they are on paper are futile. Remember to keep track of every detail by jotting them down on a notebook and saving a soft copy if it as well. It would be a shame to see your plans go to waste. Thanks.

    • Glad to seee you on this site also Don,
      It is amazing to find so many aspiring and “seasoned” Business persons who JUST can’t seem to grasp the POWER of the hand written word.

  7. I love this post! I love how you mention the power of intention, it is so absolutely true! If it is not written, it is just an idea or a thought. Writing it down gives it life and power!

    • Thank You Angie
      The concept of Writing It Down was installed at an early through my teachers in Grammar school, and then in College all of our exams in every subject were Blue Book Essay…
      It is second nature for me AND I am so excited meeting others who have the same habit
      It seems they are always accomplishing MORE!

  8. Great idea, and it’s more confortable to write in paper first, thanks for your tips, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for the Comments. I have found even in this day of electronic etc, I write most of goals and article long hand. Seems to stick to the Brain a bit better. Your experiences?

  9. Great article. I have to write things down or it doesn’t get done. Additionally, it also has to be made public knowledge so you have someone to report to.

  10. I remember anything i write down. I cultivated the habit when i was young

  11. Nice!!!.Thanks for the comprehensive post. I like the way you explain the power of intention. Now different methods and tools people use to jot down ideas. But writing down your plans of action on a piece of paper is so much better, even now.

    • Thanks for your response. There is something about the flow from mind to hand to paper back to mind that seems to have a positive and more lating benefit.

  12. I enjoy what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the amazing works guys I’ve added you guys to blogroll.

  13. I love to write things down, it provides a lot of clarity and cements ideas in my head, very therapeutic.

  14. I rarely write my ideas unless I’m presenting it. I should start writing though…

  15. I’m so excited to meet someone with exactly my thoughts, I’ve always been emphasizing to my counterparts about the importance of writing it down. It’s like putting your signature which commits you.

  16. I love your writings thanks a lot keep going on..

  17. Viola B. Grubbs

    This kind of clever work and reporting!Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve included you guys.

  18. Mansoor Bhanpurawala

    I love to write things down, it provides a lot of clarity and cements ideas in my head, very therapeutic.

  19. Great Idea,Thanks for sharing this information with us,Exactly the same information am looking for.

  20. Interesting reading! This article is really informative. Thanks for the useful info.

  21. This works great for not just a marketing strategy – You have to write things down and it is most likely come to you! 🙂

  22. Great article. Considering that I am professional internet marketing specialist I agree with each word in this article.

  23. I always write things down on paper to avoid forgetting and I have really seen it work for me. Thank you for the powerful ideas.

  24. It is always a wise idea to write things down on paper to avoid forgetting. I found this very educative and would like to read more of this.

  25. Great blog post sharing good information of a professional marketing.

  26. This works great for not just a marketing strategy – You have to write things down and it is most likely come to you!

  27. I think its true with so many gadgets at our disposal, we *think* we are jotting it down and the intention gets lost somewhere in the digital cloud. Nothing like writing it out long hand. I use a notebook and a fountain pen – just for good measure. By the way nice post. Thank you so munch for sharing this wonderful post.


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