How Blogging can Enhance Mindset

Blogging and The Business Mindset, a synergy?

Developing a Business Mindset is an ongoing process. One way to stay focused on your business direction is to Share the progress, share the development of your Venture.

Blogging has become the venue for millions to Share their Beliefs and Energy.  Seems like the more you talk about something the more it becomes YOU (holds true to listening, also) the goal is to MAKE IT YOURS. The concepts of your business become entrenched into your Subconscious Mind.

What is the link with Blogging?

Blogging about your passion, your niche is an excellent vehicle to share with the Global community Who you are and where YOU are going. The more you blog the more your mind is trained to operate as an entrepreneur. It will become Top of Mind Awareness. Top of Mind Awareness is discussed through out much of the training material from a young man, Michael Clouse. I found Michael ‘s material useful and his witty delivery is FUN. Enjoy the following article and look over his CD’s and Books. They are always easily accessible in MY Awareness and Mindset Library

The Clouseian Formula

Back to Blogging and Mindset

Everyone gets excited when they start their Blogs, but soon realize that to be effective it is a long term commitment to drive like minded readers to your brilliant posts and develop a relationship.

Blogging is a marathon technique. A traditional blog needs to be fed high-quality content on a regular basis. It doesn’t need to be every day, but predictable schedules are great, and most successful blogs need at least one new post a week.. but  learn from “sprinters” ( a great article by Sonia Simone)

In order to help you become a Marathoner and Enhance your Business mindset through Blogging, we have introduced the POWER of Networked Blogging (Leveraging your blog with others of similar topics or Niches), including a Hosted WordPress System, preloaded with Premium Plugins, AND a minimum of ONE (up to 5) professionally written UNIQUE content post a week! When you Monetize your Blog, YOU KEEP all Revenue generated…great support offered, also

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Blog Networks


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  1. KathyClark

    Chuck, this is an awesome Blog and the topic is so appropriate. Looking forward to learning more from you about Blogging and Monetizing our Blogs. Thanks for sharing with me.

    Kathy Clark

  2. Fantastic post. This is what I too firmly believe in, following your passion.

    • Thanks for your Comment Mary K,
      Seems we share interests in common.
      We also have a 30 volume set of Power discussing REAL application of the Law of Attraction

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