Do you have a Buyer or Seller Mindset?

Do you have a Buyer or Seller Mindset?

Over the years of consulting with and just talking to aspiring and experienced business persons I have noticed some definite differences in the mindset of those who are Successful and those who are Struggling.

It is my opinion, the difference is the ability to expand the Buyer Mindset to a Seller Mindset.

An example of the Seller vs. Buyer Mindset would be when the price of a program, asset or system is mentioned. A Buyer Mindset usually asks “How much does it cost?” and the Seller Mindset is already thinking  “HOW can I make money from the application of this product?”

This skill can be assimilated and expanded through a conscious effort and practice. A Sellers Mindset can become Top of Mind Awareness and applied daily through repetition and belief of self.

The following Video discuses the Buyer
and Seller Mindset difference

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  1. Excellent, Chuck. I’d add to the seller mind set the question “How can this not only enrich my life but how might I be able to use it to enrich the lives of others, at least point them in the direction of what I’ve found.”


    • Thanks Mike
      Really appreciate you stopping by and commenting. You are absolutely correct.
      As oft stated in the “old books”, Service is a major pillar of commerce, and always delivering more real value than receiving in cash value assure success.
      The Business mindset understand the value of SERVING others and edifying them at the same time.
      Come back again Mike!

  2. Thanks for the video. It may be hard to do it the first time but with practice I guess we’ll be able to familiarize ourself with it.

    • Appreciate your comment Eileen,
      I notice the link is to a Financial Services company in Laguna Niquel. I was in the business for 20 + years and had offices in San Clemente and Newport Beach.The Sellers Mindset is not difficult to foster and enhance.

  3. Hey Chuck

    That is an excellent concept you have touched upon. having a seller mindset can help you go ahead. How to get the best from any product or services is a great thing to have.The video is really helpful. Thanks for the share.

    • Glad you stopped by Richa,
      Just finished a 5100 mile cross country road tip through Mid-America. Amazing that most small business persons that were successful, shared they never asked “cost” rather ASKED or analyzed potential return, and made quick decisions based on that information

  4. All the videos above are excellent and one can use these principles in day-to-day applications not just the entrepreneurial ones. Great info, thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for the video and it really made realize what to do if you have business. Amazing advice!

    • Thank you Catherine for your kind words.
      I notice you recently had a fine article on Active Listening.
      Also you are a fan of The Law of Attraction.
      Charles Haanel and The Master Key, along with Orison Swett Marden and Napoleon Hill were instrumental in
      forming my Purpose and Lifestyle in 1960.
      Because of that influence, we share with a large audience discussion of our Talk Show every Tuesday.
      The past 359 episodes are available 24/7
      Focus Society of Overachievers

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