Does the Devil own Your Destiny?

Does the Devil own Your Destiny?

Would you like to learn “HOW TO” Outwit the Devil?

In 1938 Napoleon Hill wrote  a book (after Think and Grow Rich) he titled “Outwitting the Devil”


This book is a very Hard hitting account of a conversation between Napoleon Hill (Mr. Earthbound) and The Devil (Your Majesty). Hill uncovers the secrets to freedom and success by evaluating the greatest obstacles that humans face in order to attain their personal goals in life.

Since I have been a FAN of Napoleon Hill since 1960 and have used the his book Think and Grow Rich as a guide for my exciting entrepreneurial lifestyle, I was eager to see this book published and was curious as to why it took so long. The following notes will explain.

According to Don Green, CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, the masterpiece was never published. Hill’s wife, Annie Lou, who was Secretary to Dr William Plumer Jacobs, president of the Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina, kept the manuscript form being published. Dr. Jacobs was also owner of Jacobs Press and involved with other high placed activities and had hired Napoleon Hill and Annie Lou Hill was afraid the content of Outwitting the Devil would create backlash from organized Religion and maybe cost Hill his job . Napoleon Hill died in 1970 and Annie lived until 1984, Upon her death, the Manuscript of Outwitting the Devil come into the possession of Dr Charlie Johnson, nephew of Annie Lou Hill, and president of the Napoleon Hill Foundation. But his wife, Frankie, knew and shared the same fears of Annie Lou Hill and DID NOT want the book published while she was alive. Frankie Johnson died a few years ago and Sharon Lechter was then asked to edit the manuscript, and after several years of annotations and reviews, it was released in June, 2011.

Focus Society of OverachieversAfter getting my copy of Outwitting the Devil and being riveted to some history about Napoleon Hill I was unaware of, and “listening to his dialog with the DEVIL I knew that this was a MUST SHARE book for our 6 year Talk Show, Focus Society of Overachievers 

The Focus Society of Overachievers  aired but is now on Hiatus. All Past episode available for Download Free

All past episodes (over 358) are always available 24/7 for Download Mp3 format. The first episodes discussed Think and Grow Rich, then on to Charles Haanel’s The Master Key, Wattles’ The Science of getting Rich and many other Classics from the masters of Personal Growth and Belief of Self

I was also appreciative of being reminded what a large influence Andrew Carnegie had on the young Napoleon Hill and was able to have a better understanding about our “other self”

The first few chapters tell of side of Napoleon Hill most are not aware. He suffered a traumatic experience in the elate 19020’s and actually packed a gun for a couple years. There was a HIT on his life. How he overcame this and how it related so well to what Carnegie shared with him in 1908 makes some good reading.

If you have any desire to improve your Business Mindset and enjoy the Power of Being in Control of Your Destiny, I highly recommend the  purchase of the fabulous book. It is available as a new or used Hardcover.

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