How a Business Mindset Operates

How a Business Mindset Operates

Conversation abounds about the

importance of a Business Mindset.

What is  the Business Mindset?

How does a Business Mindset really Operate?

For the past 80-90 years the North American citizens were taught to finish school, get a job, work hard, and save for retirement. This conditioning was very beneficial to establish a solid working force to expand the economy and increase a Standard of Living, named Middle Class. And this group was generally directed to the Mindset of an Employees and  were rarely taught to have higher aspirations.

Even with the surge of Advanced education after the Sputnik phenomena, the various Institutions of higher placed emphasis on “getting the degree” to get the Good job. One benefit was an increase of those proficient in Math and Science, which unfortunately has faltered recently.

A Business Mindset is the process of Thinking as an Entrepreneur, developing attitudes of how one receives compensation and what processes are in place to stay on track, becoming Innovative and not being concerned about the thought of others

Mindset trainingWhat is MISSING is the emphasis of training the Subconscious Mind to THINK Like a BUSINESS Person using a 24/7 Business Mindset. Since this training is not going to be found in the secondary and advanced education SYSTEM, a person need to Train themselves.

Thank goodness there is plenty of Resource available.

The Theme of some of the Classic Self-improvement Genre Books  (available FREE) such as:

Think and Grow Rich,
The Master Key,
The Miracle of Right Thought,
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

is the training of the MIND to think Positivity and Success. Training the subconscious to the Business Mindset is Not Difficult, just requires an organized plan and the desire to develop the Habit.

The mindsets that needs to be changed are those focusing on:

  • Blaming others for current conditions
  • Focusing on immediate gratification
  • Focusing on the avoidance of Pain, rather than seeking pleasure.

Entrepreneurs exhibit a natural tendency to be Problem solvers, primarily because they ASK a LOT of Questions. Again the discussion of this skill set development to optimize a Business Mindset is clearly outlined in the, above mentioned, FREE Books

How the Mind worksIf you want to create stellar results in your business and your life you must take total ownership of it, be held accountable for your results and be totally responsible for your actions….invest the time and energy to develop the Business Mindset


I thank the staff at Business Know How . Com for the following tips presented by Sherese Duncan

1. Having a business mindset is knowing that the purpose of business is to make money.
2. Having a business mindset means thinking for yourself vs. letting other people think for you
3. Having a business mindset means being more strategic about your business activity.
4. Having a business mindset is knowing that we need to connect with our businesses and that connection is… profitability
5. Having a business mindset is understanding strategy and implementing it into your business practices
6. Having a business mindset is being open to multiple streams of income and multiple businesses
7. Having a business mindset is understanding your emotional ties to your business.

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