How the Business Mindset Becomes a Love Affair

How the Business Mindset Becomes a Love Affair

Are you in a Loving relationship with

YOUR Mindset?

DO your daily Tasks create the

euphoric feeling of LOVE?

Loving MindsetIf the answer is YES congratulations!

Those answering NO need to read and listen below

and finely tune your Business Mindset.

Ever noticed  how many people complain about working in jobs they hate,
feeling trapped because they can’t quit as they rely on that sole source of income?
Or they can’t  quit because of a lifestyle they have fashioned on the principles of I Want it Now
and will Pay later.

Understandably there are many citizens of the USA who are suffering from unemployment and equity reversals and are facing real challenges….

But what was it that allowed the Spendthrift Principle, with no saving for the rainy day, creep into the Mindset of of so many.

So many today WANT to escape their grim reality, stop drifting aimlessly
in life, in short, stop  leading lives of quiet desperation, as so eloquently put Love your Dreams Mindset
by Henry David Thoreau.

So what is Stopping then from the Change of Lifestyle  and Mindset?

Two Reasons.

Reason #1: They don’t know what they love to do.

Reason #2: Fear. They’ve got a lifestyle to uphold, bills to pay for,
families to take care of, fear of no steady source of income, fear of what
other people might think or say about them, etc. Fear.

Conquer indecision in Reason #1 and ACT, and

you will most definitely conquer

all fear in Reason #2.

Invest a little of you Time and Energy and listen to part One Revealing the Secrets of

HOW  TO enjoy life and Be in LOVE with what YOUR Mindset directs you to DO

Part 1 Audio

[evp bucket=fsmmbbma width=400 height=50]Part1MindsetA.mp3[/evp]



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  1. Dave Prosser

    Powerful Stuff Chuck… Forever showing people the way to propel themselves towards ultimate freedom…. “The answer is within”

  2. Steve Brooks

    Great Past Chuck you are so true it all starts with mindset thanks for sharing

    • Thank you Steve,
      I also appreciated your ability to exp[lain your new program.
      Even thought the Hype about has caught the attention of many, it will be successful for the handful who are willing to operated hourly with a Business Mindset.
      We always welcome Callers and to our LIVE Business Development Talk Show, now in it’s 4th year
      You Can Build It

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