Learning About The Law Of Attraction……Worth the Time?

Learning About The Law Of Attraction……Worth the Time?

Learning About The Law Of Attraction And Getting an all Important Holistic Guide can have Amazing Benefits for Your Life and Success!

Let’s face it. All people are surrounded by a thought atmosphere. . .(some may not realize it!)

Through this force we’re either drawing in or forcing back. Like draws in like and we draw in exactly what we have in mind.

The Law of Attraction, made popular by the early 20th century entrepreneur and author, Charles Haanel, is the principle by which you draw into your life that which is in vibrational alignment with your awareness; your thoughts, feelings, opinions and attitudes, whether you’re mindful of them or not. It’s also the most popular personal development topic in personal development.

Haanel’s  mail order course The Master Key is considered the Foundation of the Law of Attraction.

His course shows  the starting point on the road to successfully and deliberately manifesting your desires is to become aware of the thoughts and feelings that are producing your experience and to take responsibility for your reality.

Accepting responsibility for your life without judgment is both empowering and liberating. When you understand that you’re source not subject of your existence, you are able to modify it.

Further more, when you realize that you’re always backed up by an all-loving, intelligent universe that you’re ever united with, you’ll be able to allow and engage co-creation where synchronicities and serendipities burst, hows” are magically taken care of and issues in your life seamlessly woven into a tapestry of dreams come true.
Many people have never heard if this and have no idea how to go about figuring out where they are or how to change it.

Is this true for you? Then please continue on as you need to discover the secrets that increase success in your life!

People who struggle in business and life will find these things in common:

  • They don’t know about understanding the big picture.
  • They have no idea about the reality mindset.
  • They are struggling with reality roadblocks.
  • They also don’t understand how to seize opportunity.
  • They don’t know how to attract real affection.
  • They don’t understand might.
  • They have no clue about unison.
  • They don’t know how to take command.
  • They don’t know how to be brave.
  • Many more problems untold….

The law of attraction is an absolute. It doesn’t single out, it simply is. This implies it can work both for and versus you. To draw in whatVolune 1 Law of Attraction Series you want into your life you need to line up your heart and mind to the final result of your wishes, the juicy positive ideas and beliefs which palpably resonate and act as a magnet to those very goals.

Charles Haanel and the Law of Attraction have been instrumental in my setting a personal Lifestyle, since first reading the book in 1960.

It would be wonderful to report that the Journey to Abundance has been totally smooth, but that would be pure BS. However the road map provided by The Master Key, Think and Grow Rich and a few other great classics have allowed myself and family to enjoy FREEDOM and comfort, with little stress.

Since we are so Gung Ho about the Law of Attraction, we at 2GSM and Best Business Mindset Alliance have assembled a 30 Volume set of books (each about 30 Pages) focusing on the Law of Attraction. Not Only is this 30 Book set Affordable (less than $1.75 per Volume) it automatically comes with an affiliate position, enabling YOU to market of any or all of our 108 unique products, focused on Business Building, Social media  and Self-Improvement.


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Of course, when you download this series be sure to Start Reading One Volume a Day and don’t just File on your hard drive. I prefer to print out and two sides and then put the volumes in a Binder. The advantage of PDF ‘print outs’ is you don’t feel bad making Liner Notes.

A 50 year veteran of marketing and sales, plus involvement in the building and managing Businesses off-line. Chuck Bartok is an active contributor to Best Business Mindset Alliance and hosts a weekly Talk Show focusing on Business Building. He has found a comfortable niche in helping others Create, Implement and Grow Their Business through One-on-One Coaching and Joint Venturing. He has only been on the Internet a few years and has found a following of Business builders who enjoy the personal contact in a Mastermind environment. Follow Chuck on his Business Building Blog, You Can Build It  and his Journey to Fitness at 90 Day Personal Fitness Challenge




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  1. Joana William

    I have heard about and read the secret.
    What is the main difference between the secret and the master key system ?

    • The Secret is a commercial, somewhat distorted, take off of The Master Key.
      It’s success rests mostly on the fact it DOES NOT emphasis the real ingredient for Success.
      Primarily WORK.
      Manifestation is pure Crock….
      Dedication and discipline to your definite major purpose ASSURES positive results.
      Have you read The Master Key, Joanna?
      We offer FREE copies

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