Talk Show May 31, 2017, Your Story

Talk Show May 31, 2017, Your Story

We engaged in  lively discussion this past Wednesday evening’s  Podcast

The  365th episode of  You Can Build It Talk Show, focused on the “Story Within”

It has been said for many years we all have a “story within” and feel compelled to share it with others.

I was joined by Charlene Burke, Perry Chalmers, Leland Best and Tonya Heathco. 

The conversation centered around the fact all of us have stories to share but so many are inhibited by constraints imposed by social pressure. When we realize that there are people who can benefit form our story within it becomes a bit easier to spread the word.

The successful sales process is really the result of someone being presented a story and finding acceptance to the presentation. The more “personal” the story is, typically the more it is accepted and the sale is consummated.

Listen to the show (50 minutes) streaming here or download for listening in the future.

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