What does it take to Apply the Business Mindset?

What does it take to Apply the Business Mindset?

Based on phone calls and conversations, we hear so many express the desire to begin or grow a small business.

What we find out is very few Believe in their idea, have Written a concise Plan of Action, and decided absolutely on a Starting Date of the beginning or the changes implemented to grow.

In essence they do NOT posses a Business Mindset

Seems that wonderful, workable ideas just lat dormant or suffer short lived starts.

Have you found that to be true?Magic Wand

What magic wand is waved that allows a few “chosen ones” to apply action to their Dream and enjoy the benefits of success?

Personally, I do not think it is magic at all. it is nothing more than a person’s Belief in Self and a Burning Desire to accomplish what they have Demanded of themselves. It is not a factor of age, education or capital.  However, observation shows most of the “lucky ones” do invest heavily of their Time and Energy  in self-improving. The willingness to “learn” is definitely a strong trait of those enjoying Journeys to Success.

But there is a simple one-two-three easy to apply system.

  • Define your Goal
  • Write the plan of action
  • Apply massive action immediately


Of course it has always been recommended to have formed a Mastermind Alliance to discuss and share the planning stages and to discuss the progress. We have been conducting two weekly podcasts  for the several years.

It was recently on the business development Podcast, You Can Build It that we had the honor of 2 guests, both of whom created and are growing “businesses” THEIR WAY and dong a fine job!

Robert W Walker, author, mystery writerRobert W. Walker is an accomplished and many tine traditionally published author of exciting  Crime and Mystery novels, many of which are premised on historical facts. Robert shares his experiences with the traditional publishing arena and how frustrating it can be to be the creator  of Product and find ones self at the back of the financial Bus and NOT be in control of the final product.

A few year sago Robert walker decided to re-direct his energy to self Publishing and was aided by the focus of Amazon to the Kindle Reader and the Kindle Book versions. That bold decision was not accepted by many of his peers and and the negativity flowed, but Robert realized how much more he will be satisfied being in Control of His own Creations

Our other Guest, Terrific Tonya Heathco is no stranger to adversity. She has a rare form of seizure disorder and suffers occurrences national Seizure Disorder Foundationon a daily basis. Tonya “Had a Dream” to create an Public Awareness and understanding about her disorder, which is shared with another 3,000,000 people around the world. She was a frequent participant on our Tuesday Morning self-improvement Talk Show and also the Wednesday evening Business Development show. Tonya realized that SHE owns the power to accomplish her goal of forming a non-profit 501 c-3 Entity and grow an manage that “Business”.

Terrific Tonya Heathco was told by several existing foundations that her idea was not needed and there could be little or no support found…Well that DID NOT Discourage her, she successfully created and grew her Awareness platforms. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond her control it has since been s=disbabded

Listen to the following Podcast
and understand HOW anyone Can Own a successful Business Mindset
and grow a business
to whatever level
YOU perceive.

50+ year veteran Entrepreneur. My lifestyle was set in 1960 after reading what I call the Self-Improvement Trilogy. The three books are Think and Grow Rich, The Master Key and the Miracle of Right Thought. Free copies are available throughout this site.
My definite Major Purpose in Living a Life Full of Freedom and Helping Others
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  1. Pat Costello

    Belief in Self and a Burning Desire to accomplish anything requires a totally different mindset.Great article

  2. I am honored to be seen on a page written by the genius of Chuck Bartok. Thank you for helping me cultivate a better business mindset. You will always hold a special place as mentor for Terrific Tonya Heathco.

    May You be Well –

    Tonya Heathco, Founder
    National Seizure Disorders Foundation

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